2009年4月28日 星期二

Handsomeboy technique

來自京都Kyoto的Handsomeboy technique,在前陣子發表的Tribute to pizzcato five專輯之後
再度發表新的作品"Beside The Fountain",
4/4拍加上似曾相識的mv,令人第一個想到Chemical brothers的Star Guitar.
不過日本人愛玩Star guitar已經不是新招 總之重要的是歌好聽

Grand open Carhartt Harajuku

Hiroshi Fujiwara 藤原浩所主導的Honeyee ,在當中網頁Feature & HF BLOG中也所透露照片及將在東京原宿開幕的CARHARTT-JAPAN SHOP,Carhartt Harajuku Store而也在Honeyee網頁中公佈許多獨家限定發售的Carhartt款飾單品,並找來了自家單位Fragment Design來為Carhartt-Japan操刀製作,此款tee為日本當地限定販售. 而當中部份款式,店內也有引進,歡迎大家來店詢問

2009年4月24日 星期五

VNGRD 09S/S 首波商品預告

來自義大利手工高質感製作品牌VNGRD 09 Spring/Summer部份產品已經製作完成
歡迎洽詢LES&Pi Original

ROCKWELL-The Random Collection

ROCKWELL New Goods-The Random Collection
其風格強烈 作品辨識度極高 近年來更與很多的廠牌與單位進行聯名作品 更與美國唱片公司Stone thorws固定合作 今年與法國Colette更有一系列的展覽與企劃 非常令人期待
今年Parra的作品也登陸於日本名店Realmad Hectic/法國Colette/香港Juice/與自家店鋪Patta.

2009年4月23日 星期四



2009年4月22日 星期三

We support kero one

在今天我們收到了Kero one公司的來信,並且他給與我們很多熱情的回應,世界真的不大,只是一篇Daily blog文章,他們看到了也聽到了來自台灣歌迷支持他的聲音,他很感恩的向我們說聲謝謝,Kero one公司並給與我們官方認証新聞稿,希望我們藉由這張新專輯,用力的大力的推薦給大家.
並在此誠懇的希望各位 不要用下載的方式支持原創好音樂 希望大家以實際購買的行動支持原創著作者!! We support good soul & music, We keep'in going.One luv!!
Artist:Kero One
Album:Early Believers
Record label:Plug Label

With a style often compared to that of Common, Q-tip and Kanye West, Kero One, a San Francisco rapper/producer/DJ, stands as a true testament to the do-it-yourself success story.
Using only home recording equipment and his personal credit card, Kero One pressed and released his first 12” single in 2003 on his own imprint, Plug Label. Without any experience as to how he should distribute his new record, Kero One spent endless hours researching, cold calling, and seeking help from friends. Of the 50 copies that were eventually distributed around the world, one landed in a tiny record store in Tokyo, Japan. A few weeks later, it was found by a Japanese DJ who played it at a club that night and received dozens of inquires, including a Japanese label executive who immediately contacted Kero One and asked for 3,000 copies of the record.
The record became a hit in Japan almost overnight, and Kero One was invited to tour the country just a few months afterwards. He performed in cities throughout Japan where he was greeted by hundreds of fans waiting to take photographs and autographs, much to his surprise. It was at this point that making a career out of music became a reality. Kero One went on to finish his first album, Windmills of the Soul, in 2005, handling everything from playing instruments and rapping to sound engineering. Without a strong label backing or a street team, Kero One handled almost all of the business himself. From promotions and marketing, manufacturing, finances, art direction, and web design, Kero One personally handed out promos to tastemakers anywhere he could find them. Eventually the hard work paid off, and Kero One quit his job as a web designer in 2006 to pursue music full time.
Since 2006, Kero One has been awarded the title of Best Hip Hop Album of 2006 from Leemix magazine, topped iTunes hip hop charts, received positive reviews from the likes of Will.i.am (Black Eyed Peas), and continued touring all over the world. Kero One toured Japan two more times and also played throughout Europe, Australia, Korea, Taiwan, The Philippines, Canada, and the States with artists like KRS-1, EPMD, Blu & Exile, DJ Cash Money, and DJ Kentaro. Additionally, Kero One has kept busy collaborating with Talib Kweli, Epik High (Korea) and Mark Farina. In 2007, Kero One opened his first office and recording studio in downtown San Francisco to house his fledging hip-hop/dance/funk imprint, Plug Label, releasing over a dozen records and CDs.
In 2009, Kero One presents his official sophomore album, Early Believers, featuring some of his favorite singers and vocalists such as Giles Peterson protégé UK singer Ben Westbeech, Finland's own modern day "Stevie Wonder," Tuomo, and Portland's Ohmega Watts, to name a few. This is an album that modulates from soulful jazz tinged tracks to upbeat synth-driven party bangers, all showcasing Kero One’s growth and maturity as a writer, composer, vocalist and arranger.


Label Site:http://www.pluglabel.com

2009年4月21日 星期二

Mob fresh goods

Married to the Mob 新款上架

2009年4月16日 星期四

My skin against your skin-Rabbit is rich!!

My skin against your skin-專輯名稱Rabbit is rich (前身 兔子很有錢)

My skin against your skin, Post-Punk曲風冷熱善變,魅力驚人,以迷人的聲線唱出時而挑逗時而爆發力十足的多變樣貌。女主唱狂亂擺動的黑髮及神祕的妝容形象,增加了許多可看性。也樹立了她獨特的地位,常常讓人禁不住就把焦點放在她的身上。讓我們不能自己的凝視著、聆聽著。 音樂劃破了ㄧ切偽裝、壓抑與平凡; 讓知覺奔馳出發。在狂暴的聲響中能聽到細膩的表情,都將滲入你的血管妳的毛細孔.......

關於My skin against your skin的唱片 請到LOWER EAST SIDE購買

You can buy it in LES.

2009年4月12日 星期日



翻玩out door品牌Patagonia
LESS所販售的英國品牌Tonite於英國知名線上時裝網路店鋪Oki-Ni發表了最新2009 S/S的產品
本季以Hippie Style 與70's~80's Old Skool rocker為主題,運用大量的Acid原素與70's迷幻搖滾客的音樂原素於其中,TONITE設計師Fergadelic a.k.a fregus 本身也是一位音樂人/Producer/DJ,他的自家樂團便是噪音Noise/Scifi/post punk/psycho punk/techno的愛好者,Tonite UK 09 S/S近期上架

2009年4月5日 星期日

4/3OASIS-Live Forever@Taiwan Concert

這張海報陪我渡過了10年的時光 ,這是OASIS兩兄弟Noel& Liam的合照 海報已經汎黃 我相信我還是不會撕掉這張海報 盼了十年 終於等到了Oasis來台開唱
4/3 OASIS LIVE FOREVER! Taiwan Concert guest VIP

We guys all Oasis fans.

Liam丟給我們的水 We guys craaaaazy!!!

OASIS真的來了 而且就在我面前 其實還是有點不敢致信 15年前開始喜歡上OASIS

15年後竟然在台灣聽到他們的現場演唱 有生之年能夠親眼見到OASIS真的非常偷笑了!!


上頭寫著:有人覺得Oasis變了 Oasis已經不是10年前的Oasis

其實Oasis沒有變 因為變得也許是聽眾跟這個音樂環境 也許Oasis再也沒有像Wonderwall/Stand by me這樣的作品 但是我們只確信 大家都喜歡Oasis的音樂 這是永遠不會變的

弟弟Liam穿著自家品牌Pretty Green(將於今年六月份推出)的 N3B開唱

Liam的招牌動作唱法 像是要把麥克風給吃了一樣 刻意半蹲伸長脖子 像長頸鹿唱歌的唱歌方式般 手拿鈴鼓 賣力唱著每一首動人歌曲


真正的搖滾精神 跟 道地曼徹斯特搖滾樂 沒有多餘又誇張的舞台和外表 只有真正的搖滾樂

Noel 期盼已久的Don't look back in anger

Liam 就距離我們僅僅五公尺 因為我們在鐵欄杆第一排

Live Forever!!

Liam招牌樂器 鈴鼓


OASIS 來了!! Liam & Noel !!!

1976 開唱........

人山人海 當日一萬五千多人次